Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It’s the week before finals at long last.  That means I’m going online to do homework but really looking at blogs/facebook/pictures of dogs wearing hats.  Whatever I’m doing, I’m glad I’m not outside.  It’s cold outside!  People always ask me (like, every day.  It’s kinda weird) if I prefer being too hot or too cold.  When I say too cold they always point out that when it’s cold you can always wear a heavier jacket so it’s better to have it too cold.  Bullfeathers. 

Cold is the worst.  Heat just drools on you and makes you way too sleepy, but cold is downright mean.  Every time I go outside in the cold it sticks needles in my eyes and gnaws on my bones like a dog worrying a stick.  The amount of jacket doesn’t matter because the cold here can invade through the slightest kinks making your skin dry and flaky and turning your guts into knife-like shards of ice.  Blech.

This afternoon I wrote a paper for one of my classes (due today) and started another one (due tomorrow), but I was distracted by looking at pictures of me from high school.  They typically range from this:

To this:

To this:

Although thanks to my photographer friend, I do have a few like this:

And now I am continuing to avoid homework by writing this rambling blog post.  I suppose I’d better get started on my paper, which of course is code for “watch a Jimmy Stewart movie on youtube.”

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  1. Sigh...where are the millionaires we're supposed to marry so we don't have to work anymore ever ever again or do any hw or write another Pointless paper the hour before it's due? We should be on a boat sailing to Bermuda right now eating creme puffs that don't make you far bc we've hired scientists to invent that stuff for us. And also the cold is def not my favorite- TOO HOT ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY