Monday, September 5, 2011

Homework? What Homework?

School has begun again, which of course means I have a new bag of chocolate to eat (antidepressants, don’t ‘cha know) and a whole slew of homework to avoid.  I have also taken to staying up later.  I’m reasonably certain that this will not affect me to badly because I have cut fifteen minutes off of my morning routine, and fifteen extra minutes of sleep in the morning is worth at least two extra hours in the evening.

You’re confused.  You shouldn’t be.  It is a well-known mathematical principle:

(time in the morning) = (time in the evening)^5

(time in the morning) = (time in the evening)^500

(time in the morning) = (time in the evening)x10^23

I haven’t blogged for a while.  It’s harder than I remember, especially when I do it while comparing James McAvoy to Patrick Stewart as Doctor X and the Mr. Knightlys in three different versions of Emma.  I wasn’t meant for multi-tasking, which is why I’ve never tried to be a knife-juggling comedian.

But now Emma’s at the part where Mr. Knightly starts yelling.  I need to concentrate.

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  1. Hurrah for a new blog thing! The one compensation for losing you yet again to far far away school. Well, I guess there's the education / independence thing too, but I do enjoy reading your stuff!