Monday, October 11, 2010

How Youtube Robin Hood Failed Me Again

Last week was national Don’t Write Anything on Your Blog Week.  Really.  If you don’t believe me, go ahead and send the government an email.  It’s  They’ll be happy to reply with multiple emails that might even answer your questions.
Today I was trying to avoid homework and this blog just wasn’t cutting it, so I decided to search for the newest episode of the BBC’s Merlin.  Usually some youtube Robin Hood will illegally post these episodes online, but this time they let me down.  Either Robin was taking a vacation or I’ve got to bust him out of jail.  I’ve seen five minutes of The Great Escape, so it shouldn’t be too hard.
Until I manage to buy a motorcycle and a busting out of jail kit, I will have to make do without my current favorite show.  It really is a good one; you just have to be able to overlook the stiff acting of the Morgana character, the horrible special effects, and the blatant historical inaccuracies.  My favorite part of the show is Merlin, played by Colin Morgan, an actor who is so attractive that I actually bothered to memorize his name.  Other actors included on this list are Brad Pitt, who looks really good when he eats food, and James Marsden, who looks really good when he bites his fist or scoffs. 
Stop looking at me like that.
Anyway, when this homework avoidance mechanism failed I was forced to resort to sitcoms from the eighties and ice cream bars.  I couldn’t concentrate on the stale jokes or grainy images because I kept thinking about Colin Morgan and badly animated dragons.  Oh Robin, how could you have failed me?  HOW?!?
I need to look at Colin Morgan pictures on the internet and deplete my supply of ice cream bars right now, or I’ll be forced to actually read an entire chapter of my psychology textbook before class, and nobody wants that.  Trust me. 
(P. S. – I just broke the record for my shortest blog yet!  WOOOOT!)

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