Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday. I'm Allowed to Write a Short Blog.

So today I actually went on fache-book for the first time in weeks, a mistake that I will not be making again anytime soon.  On this particular sojourn I discovered that there is a way of sending more private messages to people than posting on their wall, and that I have messages sent as long ago as October of last year.   Talk about a guilt-trip.  I saw messages from people that have been there for so long that I am scared of responding for fear of reminding them that they sent the message in the first place.  I also have no idea how to send messages of my own and it does not seem likely that I will learn anytime in the near future.  (How ironic that I am typing this while Mark What’s-His-Name Zucher-bugger, the founder of facebook, is speaking at BYU right now.  I thought about going, but it turned into a toss-up between listening to one of the most prominent young CEO’s of our time and sleeping in, and sleeping in won hands-down.)
                Anypoop, if any of the aforementioned message senders are reading this, please understand that I’m too stupid to communicate with you by today’s technologically advance means.  Sara is out…peace!

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