Monday, March 28, 2011

Yay! Lists are Fun!

I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs have themes.  Mine doesn’t really have a theme.  Or does it?!?
I’m going to list the topics of my posts and try to find some kind of theme, which I will implement in my blogs in the future.  Here we go!
1)      I like sleeping more than cooking.
2)      Black turtlenecks aren’t just good for vampire attacks.
3)      Happiness isn’t an option for people who won’t eat fast food.
4)      Studying for tests is turning me into a serial killer
5)      If my husband ever eats me, he’d better have the decency to pray over me first.  The cad.
6)      Studying without pretzels is like sliding down a slip n slide without water.
7)      I may or may not be a cyborg.
8)      The intrepid absence of Youtube Robin Hood.
9)      I am in a bad mood, and nothing is ever my fault.
10)   My blog is aptly named after all.
11)   I’m not sad; I’m just bored out of my mind.
12)   Life is good when you are the God of Cheese.
13)   Nobody loves me.  Even my arms keep trying to make a run for it.
14)   Just because my face is zitty, doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.
15)   Color-coded study schedules are made to be broken.
16)   Proposals are not nearly as interesting as my computer manual.
17)   Orange blogs are better than blue ones.
18)   Blogging under the Influence.
19)   Ireland is almost as green as my newfound superpowers.
20)   I know less about facebook than your grandma does.
So far I’m not seeing much consistency.  I like talking about food.  I also like talking about myself.  I think that at least one day of the week should have some kind of theme, though.  Maybe I could blog about Gertrude.  I’d have to do it on the sly; she doesn’t like it when I tell people about her.  Something about breaking the sacred oath of the something-or-other, resulting in some kind of zombie apocalypse.  I’m sure she’s exaggerating…
But Gertrude will have to wait until later, because right now I'm going to bed.

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