Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tax Refund! Yay!!!!!

You know that question people like to ask where if you were to randomly given a hundred dollars what would you buy?  Well, thanks to my tax refund (yay, money!) I can now answer that question in a non-hypothetical format.
So here it goes:  What would I buy if I had a hundred dollars?
Here is a picture:

Oh man, it’s going to be fawesome!  I’m going to change the channels on my TV with expelliarmus!  I’m going to change the volume with wingardium leviosa!  And of course I’m going to turn the TV off with avada kedavra and turn it on with arvadek adava (which I assume would bring a cursed wizard back to life.  Just sayin’…).
I finally get to be a real live witch!  YEEHAW!  (Are magical beings allowed to say yeehaw?  Of course they are, because I just said it.  That’s right.)
And with the remaining ten dollars I am going to buy Bad Kitty Gets a Bath, because no one bought it for me for my fake birthday.  Jerks.

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  1. order me one please! i think you get a discount when you buy in bulk!